Useful highlights from

Reinventing Organizations: 

A Guide to Creating Organizations Inspired by the Next Stage of Human Consciousness 

by Frédéric Laloux  

Part 1 - Historical and Developmental Perspective

1.1 - Changing paradigms: past and present organizational models

1.2 - About stages of development

1.3 - Evolutionary-Teal

Part 2 - The Structures, Practices, and Cultures of Teal Organizations

2.1 - Three breakthroughs and a metaphor

2.2 - Self-management (structures)

2.3 - Self-management (processes)

2.4 - Striving for wholeness (general practices)

2.5 - Striving for wholeness (HR processes)

What has gone really well this year that we might celebrate?
What has been learned in the process?
What didn’t go as well or might have been done differently?
        How do we “take stock” of where things are now compared to where we thought they might be?
Looking forward:
What are you most excited about in this next year?
What concerns you most?
What changes, if any, would you suggest in your functions?
        What ongoing professional development will help you to grow in your current job and for your future?
How can I be of most help to you and your work?
Setting goals:
When you think about your work in the year ahead, what specific goals will guide you?

2.6 - Listening to evolutionary purpose

2.7 - Common cultural traits


Part 3 - The Emergence of Teal Organizations

3.1 - Necessary conditions

3.2 - Starting up a Teal Organization

3.3 - Transforming an existing organization

3.4 - Results

+ Through purpose:
+ Through distribution of power:
+ Through learning…broadened to include not only skills but the whole realm of inner development and personal growth.

+ Through better use of talent:
+ Less energy wasted in propping up the ego:
+ Less energy wasted in compliance:
+ Less energy wasted in meetings:

3.5 - Teal Organizations and Teal Society


3 - Structures of Teal Organizations